Meet Reggie. Oh, man. This guy has been a labor of awesomeness, and he was finally, finally finished up last week. Check the second picture for a reference of scale!



This guy, he has so much chin that his body didn’t even bother growing legs. That, or I was short on yarn and we decided that we kind of liked the look of him as-is. To be honest, I’ve kind of missed that classic row of teeth that the original Murray had, so it was nice to see it again.

In other news, how many of you live in or will be visiting Maine this weekend? If you’re among the lucky few who are, maybe you should think about coming to Common Ground! I’m not just saying it because Good Karma’s gonna be there (though you should stop and say hello to us), but also because it is an all-around good time.


Grouchy is not his name. I mean, he’s not cartoon character guys. But seriously, the dude has such a bad attitude that he’s never told me his name. I know, I know, he’s got the same eye and arm pose as the green monster. But that green guy? He’s been sold for weeks now, and I’m not about to deprive our customers of the opportunity to buy a grouchy monster, just because one time in the past I made a similar one. Plus, he has an eyebrow!


This guy, he was pretty cool. I brought him in to work one day, and we decided he needed eyes. So I took him home, fixed him up, and brought him back the next day. Know what? He sold before I could even get a picture of him.

He was a little more specifically constructed than the other monsters, as opposed to a slight tweak of the original pattern I wrote. But something about that wide, toothy grin demanded that he have little claws and the hints of feet. Anyway, it was sad to see him go so quick, but I guess that’s just the business of knitting adorable monsters.

And, uh, yes. There’s another monster post after this one, too. But then I swear, there will be more knitted goods! Maybe… maybe even a pattern someday? But probably not until next month.

Seriously? More monsters? A-yuh.

This guy was a bit a departure from the norm, in that his features were needle felted on. And, of course, that there is facial hair. But sometimes I look at him and see a goofy smile instead of a mustache. I guess you can take your pick, too.

This should be the last one, at least for a while. I’d have a couple more for you, but the “lost children” of the monster family went off to new homes before they were even captured in a family photo.

Oh, and I suppose I should answer the question some of you may have asked, namely, “What’s the deal with all the monsters?” And the answer to that is that Good Karma is now putting together Monster Kits, for the monster-lover who doesn’t buy their goods pre-knit. Comes with a skein of yarn and some stuffing, and I think future kits may even come with a starter pair of circular needles? Don’t quote me on that. Anyway, if you’re in the area you should stop by and get one!

And now, the tiny sea monster. He has a fin!