I’ve been knitting since Fall of 2007. I was rummaging around in the craft cabinet in the basement of my parents’ house, looking for pipe cleaners to scrub a seashell, when I came across some bulky yarn and a couple of needles. Whose were they? Nobody in my family knitted, nor had expressed any interest in it (to my knowledge), and these looked fairly new. So I took them and taught myself how to knit while waiting for my car’s oil to get changed. Haven’t looked back since.

I currently live with my wonderful wife in the beautiful city of Belfast, Maine, after having relocated from Chicago in July of 2011.

I’m really crazy about brioche knitting.

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  1. jimmedlen@gmail.com said:

    I am having problems with the thermal waffle pattern worked flat trying to understand how to knit row1 after setup 2 What do I do with the yarn over from the previous row. The brioche knit is not until row 3. Does it get knitted into the sl2yo, dropped in front or behind. I cast on 18 stitches, 16 plus 2 edge stitches.

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