The Jane Eyre Shawl

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So this thing, it was a while coming. Basically as soon as H and I saw the latest Jane Eyre movie, I was taken with the shawl that makes several appearances early on. When I spun that yarn back in May, I knew it was the perfect stuff to knit such an old-fashioned shawl with.

aw, nice

As I suspected, I wasn’t the only one whose eye was caught by the handknits in that movie. But as I looked around, I couldn’t find a pattern that quite matched what I was seeing. (I went back and advanced the scene frame by frame until I was positive I had the construction just right. I tend to go overboard on research of any kind, just ask H.) The shawl in the movie has a gently swooping edge along the back, is done in garter stitch, and has short rows making up the back all turning in the exact center (which essentially makes the entire back of the shawl something like the turned heel of a sock).

and the back

If a pattern happened to have one component, it missed the mark on another. Shortrows? Yes, but not down the spine. Garter stitch with correct shortrows? Yes, but this one is a triangle. Maybe I’m a bit anal, but I had to get it just right. And so I did, and I documented it. But with the large number of almost identical patterns already on Ravelry, is it worth the bother of putting a pattern out there? Gimme one vote in the affirmative and it’s done.

  1. It should go on raverly!

  2. patsy said:

    yes, its a lovely shawl

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