End Calm, Begin Storm

I’ve been holding back on you, reader(s). For the rest of the year, I’m going to be making up for it in a big way. Lots to see, lots to show. And to kick it off, here’s another baby sweater! I know, I know, it’s identical to the last one, but it’s a newborn size rather than a six-month, so the mental picture of its future use is even more precious.

baby baby baby


So here’s the thing about this sweater: there’s only one seam. Better yet, that one seam IS the bind-off. At no point in the creation of the sweater is the yarn broken whatsoever. That is to say, super duper easy and great for people who hate all that “finishing” work such as myself.

There’s a tentative pattern in the works, but basically all of the pictures I’m getting of this thing are really crappy, and I’ve still got four more months before my model shows up. We’ll see.


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