Greetings! (And a small update.)

Not quite “Season’s Greetings”, but it’s getting unnervingly close to that time of year, isn’t it? Most people who know me have some kind of knitted good from me already, and I actually don’t have a lot of requests on my list. What about yourselves, any holiday knitting going on?

Still, it does feel like today qualifies for celebration. Regardless of your political affiliation, I think we can all breathe a little more easily with the nation’s most expensive election season to date now behind us, and ad space given back to the soda companies.

There’s a lot of stuff to update you on. Seriously, just update posts could take me most of this month. But there’s one update in particular that I’d like to clue you in to, and I’ll say it by way of a finished object.


If you didn’t get it, maybe you could use a reference of scale: that is a very small sweater. Like, baby-small.

Be reassured, this is not going to suddenly switch over to a baby-blog. Goodness knows there are plenty of those, and if any of your facebook friends are young mothers, you get enough baby pictures as is. This will still feature, for the most part, just knitting. If the baby shows up, it’s because they will be modeling some new knitwear. And just a heads up, that will probably be occurring often. Brace yourselves.

  1. rmwest said:

    Congrats!! Woohoo!

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