End Result #1

Surprise! A finished project that isn’t a monster! This is Mary Townsend’s Rogers-Esque Cardigan. The torso knitted up beautifully, but the arms somehow ended up being far too large. Ah, well. I could try to selectively shrink them with a hair dryer, maybe? Well, regardless.

Pattern woes aside, it’s the only jacket/sweater I’ve ever made that even fits me remotely, and I’m loving it. Especially now that the weather’s starting to turn and I can get away with wearing it. If you recall, I had a few posts about making my own yarn. Well, this is one of the things I made with it! I’m really happy with this thing, having been solely responsible for it since it was a greasy fleece back in May. Next time, all I need to do is write the pattern and whittle the buttons, maybe raise and shear the sheep, and I’ll have the entire process covered, but I think I’m satisfied with it as is.

But hey, Common Ground is coming up soon. If I leave there with another fleece in hand, don’t be surprised. Now more pictures!

  1. Holy impressive, Batman!

  2. rmwest said:

    I LOVE this. I would have an end result to post about, but my needle broke halfway through the border and the yarn store was closed…BAH. So, I will just enjoy looking at your cardigan for now. The yarn is awesome!!

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