The Middle Result

It’s not the end result yet, because I still need to knit it into something. But that wool I was posting about a little bit ago? Well, it’s done! It’s all spun up!

It’s somewhere between worsted and aran weight, sometimes varying between the two. I will likely run it through the pindrafter an extra time on the next batch, but as far as the color and feel goes, this is pretty much exactly what I was envisioning, and I am extremely happy with the result.

Of course, none of this would even exist were it not for the gracious use of the machines and the excellent guidance of Jim over at Good Karma Farm.  Many thanks. And hey, I haven’t given them a shoutout recently, so let me say: nice as my yarn came out, I am only a novice. Good Karma knows their craft, and the most recent batch of sock yarn proves it. Maybe you should try it..?

And now, pictures of the process!

  1. I love your photos of the process! Proud of you.

  2. katie m. said:

    Oh, wow, this is very impressive!

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