The Hemieq

Caution: horn-tooting ahead.

So, last week I got around to releasing the pattern of that kerchief I showed you, and thus far the Hemieq Kerchief is enjoying some unprecedented success. You can find it right here. As all new patterns do, its peak of activity came right at the start, when people saw it in the “newly added to ravelry” area. And sometimes, if enough people see it there, the pattern might move into more visible spots. It was pretty exciting to see that the pattern even appeared on the first page of accessories patterns sorted by popularity. But at some point, friends, this thing got noticed.

Granted, it was pushed back down to fourth-page obscurity in short order, but there was a moment when my pattern appeared as #5 under “hot right now”. I was flipping out, but had the presence of mind to capture proof:

In other news, I recently attended Good Karma’s Crank-In event. I’m not a machine knitter, but it was really cool to hang out with a bunch of people who are. While I was there, I knitted up a worsted-weight version of the Hemieq Kerchief, which is what we’ve been seeing. It’s GKF’s Chicken Beak colorway. It has a different drape to it in a wool blend, but I almost like the lace section in worsted weight better. Certainly, this version can be used for actual warmth, not just color. But it gets the color part done, too.


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