Geometry is for awesome folks

And knitters, it turns out. It’s time to reveal another recent project, and the next forthcoming pattern: the Hemieq Shawl. (Note: hemieq refers to the particular right triangle in which the angles measure 30, 60, and 90 degrees; it’s a pretty great triangle!)

It’s going to be a recipe pattern, able to be done in any weight or needle size you like, so long as your needles are long enough to hold all the stitches. In all, it’s going to be fairly simple. So simple, I almost have no excuse as to why I haven’t posted it on ravelry yet! But that’s not going to stop me from procrastinating. Anyway, time for what you’re really here for: photos!

  1. rmwest said:

    I LOVE it! It’s going on my to-knit list!

    • wowzers, that was fast! and i totally knew this would be right up your alley. i’ll have the pdf out soon!

  2. Jodi said:

    Very nice! I like the fancy edging combined with all that garter stitch.

    • Thanks! My wife (whose fashion sensibility far surpasses my own) helped me come up with the idea, and the simple/elaborate combo is something I’ve really come to appreciate. Glad you like it as well!

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