Just clearing my throat. Been a while since I’ve posted, but shawls have a way of eating up one’s time. It’s done, though! Not the white one, that will be another day. But the re-make of it in GKF’s Edna yarn.

It does feel good to have it done, I’ll say that much. My lovely model isn’t around right now, but maybe I’ll catch her during the daylight hours tomorrow morning to get a few more photos for you. Laid flat, you can see how it looks, though, and that should give you enough of an idea. Interesting side note: when wrapped around the shoulders, the diagonal lines appear to run vertically when viewed from the front. It might be hard to visualize without a picture, but trust me, it adds a nice bit of visual interest.

The pattern… well, it’s coming along. I’ve been focusing (perhaps a little too much) on how to represent the pattern with algebraic terms. However, the collective eye-roll I’ve gotten from all but one of the people I’ve told about it suggests that a Plain English variant should be my first priority. I may even add a chart to this one. Not that it needs it, but it’s good to practice.

So what’s next on my plate? Birthday gifts, mainly, and because of that I can’t risk showing you ahead of time. Hats and a sweater, that much I can say. Oh, and this little gem right here.

Hand-painted today, along with many skeins of sock yarn. I’m really quite impressed with how well the colors came out. I phrase it that way, because many times I don’t know exactly how the skein is going to change while the dye is setting. Sometimes, like today, I can have a beautifully painted, unique skein sitting in front of me only to have it blend together into the same pale, boring green that the past five skeins did by the time I hang it up to dry. But on the whole some really nice colors came out today.

And hey, speaking of socks! It was a seriously busy day in the sock department, and it seems like the machine-knit socks are really catching on. As well they should; I didn’t show you when I got them, but I’m the proud owner of my very own Good Karma Sox! It’s some pretty comfy stuff, and I can’t recommend them enough.


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