Ishawlsceles Triangle

Terrible, terrible pun. If a pun relies on a made-up word, it probably doesn’t even count. Anyway, how’s about we have an actual knitting-related post this time?

Okay. That shawl I mentioned. Well, I wanted to make one that was really, really simple. Clean lines, sort of geometric looking. I browsed through Ravelry to double check if anybody’d done it before. That’s always a must in my pattern-making process. Not that everything needs to be 100% unique, but it should at least avoid the appearance of copying.

I knew that I wanted to design a triangle shawl, and that there was a certain look I wanted to achieve. I actually found it hard to come across something similar, but found plenty of its opposite. See, in lots of triangular shawls many of the design elements, be they stripes of lace/color or just lines of purl stitches, run along the shawl’s length, giving the overall appearance of nesting triangles. That is to say, the interior elements of the shawls followed the contour of the pointed edge. There are plenty of shawls that don’t do this, but frequently they will have some larger lace motif going on rather than a simple geometric appearance. So you have either nesting triangles or one large triangle filled with a motif.
I knew, though, what I wanted to see; I wanted triangles that ran counter to the contour of the pointed edge! So, duh, why not just write it myself? And, indeed, I did. And, you guessed it, that’s what you’ve been seeing here in the pictures. Nothing fancy, by any means. But something nice, which is all I want. So far, the test shawl is just being done with that same antique yarn the Rock Island was knit with (there is way more on this cone than I thought), knit on some 00 needles. It’s coming along nicely! I’m fiddling around with some GKF Edna yarn, to see if I can’t replicate it in a single skein.
Of course, you’ll have to wait until I finish it to get your hands on a copy, but I’ll try to get it done soon! And by soon, I mean by the end of spring. Because did you read the part where I’m knitting this on 00 needles? I don’t care if it’s just plain garter stitch, that’s self-imposed purgatory.

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