Number One

Today was a good day. One of those days where you hit your stride early on and it stays that way until just before you leave. Sure, the pindrafter had its moments, but it always does. All told, it was a good day. But even on the not-so-good days (I like my work too much to call them bad days, but sometimes a particular fiber will really test the limits of your curse word vocabulary) there is a time during my day that I love: bathroom breaks. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I get away from the work. Rather, it is for the setting.

You assume right, I go outside; the perks of being a male. I guess ladies can do it too, but there is an undeniable element of convenience to the male body, at least in this respect. But back to the point. When I get to take my break, there is a visceral sense of transition when stepping out of the mill. The mill is a place of loud noise much of the time, drowned out by equally loud music and podcasts. It’s also a place of machines, electricity, and lots of fiber. But outside, it’s usually quiet. The alpacas might be grazing somewhere nearby, and the whole scene is just peaceful, especially today watching storm clouds go past. It’s the environmental equivalent of taking a deep breath.

And after a few short moments, (depending on how much water I’ve been drinking,) the same transition occurs in reverse and it’s back to work on the machines! But there you have it. Beardedknitter: peeing outside and loving it.


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