Picking / Arachnids

Hello there, I'm your worst nightmare.

Picking is pretty straightforward. You put the fiber on the belt, it feeds into the machine, and out the other end is fluffier fiber you can work with. When you put it on the belt you tease it out a little bit and pull out the worst of the foreign materials. Generally, these will be:

  • burrs
  • sticks
  • grass
  • timothy heads (the worst!)
  • etc

Of course, sometimes you reach for that burr to pull it out and it reaches for you, too. Yeah, that’s actually an enormous spider! Once that happens, EVERYTHING on the above list has the phrase “or possibly a spider lying in wait” tacked onto it. Maybe you like spiders, but I really don’t. No, I was not bit, and yes, I’m just being a baby about it. And yes, I cleared it off the belt in time, so there’s no threat of spider guts in this batch of Icelandic.

Have a good Friday! Posts about knitting soon to come.


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