Krum Sox

Hey, all. My Crumb Socks returned from their outing unscathed and ready for some photos! Also, just a quick reminder that, while it isn’t ready just yet, the pattern for these will be available to you soon. And an instructional post on the nature of that stitch pattern will be coming your way as well. Photos!




You know, I don’t talk enough about my job on here. Considering I’m absolutely in love with what I do a few days out of the week and that it directly relates to the content of this blog, it seems odd that I don’t. My boss suggested today that I get a few pictures on my phone to document what I was doing today. Great idea! Only, my phone is almost old enough to have Nextel logos, so that translates to something like this:

Beautiful. Lucky for both of us, my task is still a ways from being finished, so when I bring my camera to work tomorrow you might actually be able to tell what that pixelated mess is. But until I have those good photos, I’m not telling.

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