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So what have I been up to, hm? First, let me tell you what Good Karma’s been up to. Or rather, show you.

Dear friends, rejoice; GKF has entered the sock yarn market! It’s some nice three-ply stuff. Very springy, very sturdy and warm, and each skein is hand-painted! It’s a joy to work with, and my wife (whose feet the socks fit) says it feels good on the feet. Which is really what you want with socks. This is new-new stuff, but don’t assume it’s going to wait around for you! Get it before it’s gone! Because, let’s be honest, I might just buy it all myself.

And now onto what I’ve been doing. Well, I’ve been doing things with that yarn! I’m still polishing some details on it, but I’ve got the main body of a new sock pattern all written up. It’s nearly ready for your knitting pleasure, but I’ve got to make sure that it’s just right. Speaking of which, if anyone reading this would like to test-knit patterns from time to time, you’ve but to ask me. I can’t offer any incentives except perhaps free copies of all my patterns. Most of them are free anyway, but if I write up some for-pay patterns, that’ll really start to pay off! But hey, you’ve probably got a lot queued up on Ravelry already, right? No pressure, I understand.

So, these socks. They’ll be a separate post, because I foolishly did not take any photos before sending them with GKF to Woolapalooza. Oh well. They’re based on a stitch pattern that, while not new, I haven’t seen anywhere except the wrong side of a jacket my wife owns. It’s very similar to Nancy Marchant’s Pearl Brioche Stitch, but with some purls thrown in. I’m calling it the Crumb Brioche Stitch. For no reason other than I like the name, and since I’m writing it up I can call it what I like. That will also be in its own post as soon as I can get a swatch knit up.

More later. I don’t want to overwhelm you. After all, this is an internet blog! You probably stopped reading to skim for pictures after the first paragraph or two. And that’s fine, because I do it too! No judgement from the bearded knitter.

  1. rmwest said:

    Ahh I would love to test knit for you sometime!

    • Oh, nice! Well, I’ll be in touch with some patterns sometime soon! Thanks!

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