Quick Notes

Until Tuesday when my dear wife returns from Chicago (she opted to stay longer), I am without a camera. But I wanted to keep you in the loop, because I’m nice.

There are two new Good Karma patterns forthcoming; a hat and a neckwarmer. Or cowl, if you must refer to it as such. You’ll hear about each in detail as they are released, but know that I’m happy with how each has turned out. There’s a hat I made for Good karma’s contest (which you should do, there’s still time!) that could be worked into a pattern, but the construction is really odd and needs to be worked on.

Oh, and those socks? Machine washing and drying tightened them right up, and they are no longer the slouchy socks of yesterday! That being the case, they’re ready to be written up as a pattern with only a few minor changes, rather than the overhaul I’d been envisioning. Yay!

Other things are tumbling around in my head, but they’re all too early to mention. Keep you posted!


(Boy, is this easy without having to take pictures!)

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