Things You’ve Already Seen (And One You Haven’t)

This one’s coming all the way from Batavia, IL. It’s been a good trip, but it will be equally as nice to return to Maine.

So, you’ve seen these socks before, except now they’re finished! And let me tell you, they’re comfy. Though the stitch count and needle size remains constant between socks, the gauge varies drastically. Perhaps something went awry blocking that first sock. Regardless, I now have a pair, and in spite of their slouchiness, they stay on my heels.

Obviously some tweaking will need to happen before this becomes a bona fide pattern, but I’ve got other things to work on right now. One of those things has to do with this next item you’ve already seen. Technically, you haven’t seen this before, because it’s a new hat. But it’s the third instance of the hat, and you’ve seen the first two already.

And that brings us to the thing you haven’t seen: the glove. This came about largely because I wanted to write up a couple of patterns that went together, a series or set or what have you. I like the jagged look on a smaller scale, and the thumb increases work right into the stitch pattern. I’ll be taking close notes as I knit up the right glove, and you can expect to see a pattern for it soon enough.

PS – I also knit a  copy of that waffle stitch cowl, but forgot to take a picture before gifting it. Sorry!

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