Tangentially-related knitting news:

I’ve decided that if I want to be taken seriously as someone who writes patterns, I’d better get my patterns looking serious. That is to say, clean, clear, and consistent. I found a nice font recently, and I’ll be re-formatting my patterns to look similar to one another. It’s not totally together yet, but I expect by the end of the month things will be a little fancier.

Knitting related news:

I’ve started another ambitious project! My recent success at the Larch made me realize that maybe I can finally make myself a knitted jacket that I don’t look at and say, “I guess I can wear it around the house”. It all started with a thrift store sweater. Right about now I’d throw in a picture of me wearing it in its dated glory, but the only picture I’ve got of it doesn’t really convey how awful it was.

Of course, I didn’t buy a 90’s sweater to look like a doofus. No, I bought it for the color and fiber content (and rippable seams, of course!). Upon unraveling, I made a rather pleasant discovery: it was double-knit! I don’t know so many machine-knit sweaters are double-knit, but what it means for me is that I’m getting twice the yardage I bargained for, and in something close to light fingering weight.

I cast on a few nights ago. I’ll admit, I made it maybe 20 rows before I decided to write down what I was doing. You know, just in case. We’ll see what happens.


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