I want to say “herringbone”, but I also want to sound super classy.

Thank you wikipedia, for finding my answer: opus spicatum. It means herringbone, but when it’s done with bricks. And now, it also means knitting. That is to say, I’ve got a new pattern out! I’m not the only person to’ve done the name, for the record, but the other Opus Spicatum is fair-isle.

Recognize this yarn? It was just a skein a couple days ago. In preparation for NETA’s spa event (which you should consider checking out if you’re not busy this weekend), we needed a sample of the new yarn knit up. It was down to the wire, but working at top speed I got it done. Last night, as I was about halfway through, I thought to myself that I should write up what I was doing. So I did. It’s a very simple design, and I’m sure its in existence somewhere else. But I’m okay with that, because 1) I wrote this up without seeing any other patterns, so I wasn’t taking the idea from anywhere else, and 2) it’s free!

I’m always tempted to do something with brioche, cables, etc, but with a tweed yarn like this, you can’t really do that. I mean, you can, but I think that stitch/cable definition gets kind of lost in it. No, you need to work something a little simpler, and let the yarn itself do all the eye-catching. I think I pulled that off here; or, rather, the yarn pulled it off. It’s a well-established fact that I love working with Good Karma’s worsted weight yarn, but I think I rank this even higher. I love natural colors, the feel of it is absolutely what I look for in yarn, and it’s just so dang pretty! Friends, I’d strongly advise trying a skein for yourself, before I buy them out. Another plus? Without dye lots, it’s easier to get enough consistently-colored yarn for that sweater or cardigan you’ve been craving.

Oh, also. Your eyes are not going funny, I changed the visual theme of the blog. I was getting really tired of the old theme, and just needed something a little simpler and more compact. This’ll do for now. Have a good weekend!

  1. rmwest said:

    ohh I LOVE the hat! Herringbone is always a good bet. I also like the new theme!

  2. I like the new theme and the new pattern:)

  3. jim said:

    You said we should re-name the hat, so we came up with Oh-natural Noggin Warmer!

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