Share in the joy, won’t you?

I’m happy today. There are a lot of reasons why, but the biggest by far is that I finally, finally got back to my real job after weeks of life getting in the way. It’s been nearly a whole month since I got to come home with the smell of lanolin on my clothes! For the record, I view that as a loss.

Other reasons for being happy are as follows. I had President’s Day off and took an 18-mile bike ride; the satisfaction of exertion. Also, I knit myself a sock! The sock was promptly lost last night, but it was rather big anyway. Sorry I don’t have pictures for you. The second sock is coming along, and is much more foot-sized. If it turns out that I have to knit a third just to have one pair, at least they’ll both fit. Plus, it’s my own design, so that feels good. I’ve also been eating good food and seeing friends more often.

Ah, but there’s more than just being happy to my mood. I’m excited. There are some really great things happening at Good Karma Farm lately, and their yarn offerings are becoming a whole lot more robust. I know, I always come off sounding like an infomercial for them, so pardon me. But regardless of whether or not you work there, when one of your favorite yarn providers starts putting out new things, you get excited. There’s some all-Icelandic wool yarn, 50/50 blend in natural colorways, and talk of maybe some straight-up solids. The neurons in my brain dedicated to pattern design started firing again today at the idea of all the new stuff. But hey, you don’t have to listen to my ravings, why not take a peek?

I’ll be whipping this into a one-skein project over the next day or so in preparation for SPA. If you’re going, look for it! And if you’re going and you’re a handspinner, look for the roving with the silk in it, because that stuff could make some really sweet yarn. Especially the navy. Anyway. I’ll show you the socks when I finish them, along with the GKF projects I’ve got in the works. I will tell you that I have at least one pattern that I should be finishing in the next couple weeks, so look for that as well.

Have a good week!

  1. Their yarn looks scrumptious! The photo you took at yarns-eye level is beautiful by the way.

    • Thanks! It’s a finicky little camera, but with certain settings tweaked it can still do some things right.

  2. rmwest said:

    I can see why you’re happy, that’s all super exciting! And that yarn looks AMAZING. Woo hoo!

  3. Jodi said:

    Hooray! Sounds like you have good reasons to be excited.

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