FO: Larch

Hey, all! Just a handful of hours, and I’ll be closing the contest and picking a winner who will be announced tomorrow! In the meantime, I’ve finally finished the Larch Cardigan. It took just under a month, most of that time spent complaining about my dislike for twisted stitches. If the collar were just regular ribbing, I swear I’d be posting this at least a week ago.

There were definitely some parts to the pattern that took a couple of reads to become clear to me, but as a whole it was easy to follow. The yarn, despite being incredibly old, held up well and only broke maybe a couple of times. Of course, it came in 150 yard skeins, so the sheer number of ends that needed tying in nearly broke my spirit in the home stretch. But obviously I got through it.

Still, I am thrilled. Do you remember the last time I knit a sweater/jacket/cardigan that came out right? Trick question, because it never happened. Just another reminder that even a year ago, I was in a very different place with my knitting. There are still flaws in my Larch, but the fact that the size is not one of them is good enough for me. Pretty sure H is happy with it as well.

And speaking of my wife (and given that it’s V-Day) I’d like to just say that she is a wonderful woman, and I’m glad to have her. For lots of reasons, not least of which being her support of my obsession; I can’t count how many times she’s had to endure my cries of “just one more row!”, or the times that yarn scraps have found their way into everything. This morning getting out of bed, we found that we’d shared our bed with two sewing needles from my previous night’s end-tying. She meets it all with a laugh and an eye-roll, and keeps me going through the tedious parts of my projects. Happy Valentine’s, you. 🙂

  1. beautiful work! and such a happy color! this is on my list to make for myself. someday…

    • With so much of it in stockinette and the sleeves in the round, it might surprise you how quick you could have it for yourself!

  2. patsy said:

    great sweater. At first, I hated twisted stitches, then I made a hat and fingerless mitts with now. So, I like them now. That was so funny about the needles. Glad your wife understands.

    • Thanks for the compliment! Unfortunately, the sheer number of twisted stitches seems to have deepened my distaste for them.

  3. Morgan said:

    Gorgeous sweater. I love the colour and it looks great on her! Last night when we were getting into bed Matt found a errant ball of sock yarn under his pillow… so I understand! Here’s to having supportive partners!

    • Haha! Yes, indeed. Of course, you could call them enablers, too, but supporters sounds so much nicer. 😛

  4. lindaran said:

    Beautiful sweater, beautiful color, beautiful model! It’s so satisfying to complete something like that. Congratulations!

    • Thanks, on all three counts! Satisfying is almost an understatement, as all my previous cardigans have been disasters in their own way.

  5. Maruska said:

    That´s a wonderful blogpost…”One more row” and the pieces of yarn everywhere…:-)And I love the orange color so much.

  6. I love you so much, my knitter husband! (Even though you leave scraps and needles everywhere! 🙂

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