Happy Groundhoggers

It’s February! It’s been a whole dang month, and I’m sill dating things with an eleven. Terrible. Job training is going well; I can tell I’m going to reasonably enjoy working there. Specifically, I’m going to enjoy working there part-time. The past two weeks have gone reasonably well, but they’ve also gone M-F. I’m no stranger to that, but the reason I even took a M/F/Sa job is because it keeps Tu-Th open to work at Good Karma Farm. I’ll be very happy when the 20-hour schedule kicks in next week. It’s kind of funny, though. I don’t think anyone envisions that someday they’ll actually miss being in a chilly mill full of dangerous machines and the occasional duck turd, but after two weeks of going without, I do. Plus it gives me an opportunity to wear my sturdy clothes, none of this bank teller dress-up. Hey! Speaking of everyone’s favorite Belfast-based spinnery, Good Karma’s got a really fun contest going on! Basically, you just knit a hat out of their yarn, pose it in a creative way, and take a picture. To give you an example, let’s have a throwback to the Meret I knit:

Now would this win the contest? I hope not, but that really depends on the competition! Check their facebook post for more details, and definitely consider joining in. And for the record, I’m not entering the Meret. But I might be cooking up something else… 😉

Also: I’m still knitting! I’ve been busier than usual with this training I’m in, and I’ve only had a single project on the needles. Usually my projects are too quick to warrant an in-progress update, but not this time. I’ve been knitting H a nice Larch Cardigan for a while now, and I’m about to start on the sleeves. Here it is so far:

So anyway, that’s almost all for now. Next week I’ll be getting back into the swing of things. Also, I’m going to give you a quick heads up on something: a giveaway. There’ll be a separate post next week detailing it, but basically you just have to comment on any of my posts this month between now and Valentine’s Day, 8PM EST, and I’ll enter you into a drawing once for every post commented on. Next time I’m at GKF, I’m totally buying a skein or two of one of the newest colorways, “Mouse Ears”. It’s pretty great, and one lucky person gets a skein to call their own, totally free of charge. And maybe I get one, too, as long as I’m buying.
The whole point of the advance notice, though, is that if you’re in on it before it’s “official”, it means you’re one of my Good Readers, not just a giveaway junkie. And for being a Good Reader you can comment on this post and get an extra entry. Nothing says “thanks for reading” like tilted odds! Keep an eye out for the official word next week.

PS – Bonus macro shots, amber waves of yarn, etc.

  1. Morgan said:

    Thanks for the heads up on the contest. Your yarn cake looks very cool in sunglasses and Meret. Btw tilted odds are always the best kind!

  2. You’re not alone, I just wrote 2011 on a check recently! Love the color you’re using for the Larch cardi, can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.

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