Now Available in Moving Pictures!

Hey you guys! Have you ever found yourself wanting more of my rambling? Well now, you can! I decided that to help all the visual learners out there, I’d start shooting youtube videos of me knitting. So far, the majority of the videos I added have other iterations on youtube somewhere. But some of them (double brioche and stockinette brioche, to name a couple) are new content, I’m happy to say.

I’ve got big plans for my youtube account in the future. I’m going to be doing lots of tutorials on less common brioche stitches, those unruly knitted cornrows, and even parts of my own patterns. Not just yet, though. Everything in its own time.

PS – Post frequency may drop off in the future, because I got a second job! In a perfect world, I could just make yarn and write patterns for a living, but let’s face it: a few patterns and a youtube channel does not a Brooklyn Tweed make. Sadly, much of this world demands me to have money, and so here I am. At least I don’t have to choose between the two jobs!

PPS – What job, specifically? Well, my employer has a section of their information policy related to blogging, which basically says that they don’t care what my blog is about as long as I don’t talk about them.


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