Giving In To Demands

Sorry to keep teasing you, but the scarf is going to wait another day. Still polishing the pattern, and I’m keeping a lid on the photos til then.

Today, I’m sharing the latest addition to both my finished projects and my available designs on etsy. My wife has been pestering nicely asking me for a cowl ever since I finished off that chain link project. Being a good husband, I said yes; being a brioche addict, I went straight for the Knitting Brioche stitchionary to ask her what she wanted. Because it’s not like there’s anything else out there worth knitting, right?


And so, the Waffle Cowl. Much like a waffle bowl at the ice cream parlor, it is good enough to make you question whether or not you really deserve such opulence. Actually, I haven’t worn it at all. But H says it’s great! It’s nothing worth writing a pattern for, but if you want to make your own, cast on about 92 sts and knit in waffle brioche stitch until it’s tall enough for the intended neck, then bind off. Or just buy one.


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