Let the buyer officially beware

The plan is in motion, and you’ll find that my Etsy page is now teeming with life again, after a long period of hibernation. And let’s face it, it needed a long rest to forget all the acrylic it had been subjected to in the past.

You might have also noticed the new page here on the blog. It’s basically just a gallery, an easy way to see exactly what I’m offering as products, and all the photos link to their respective Etsy listings. The more avenues people can follow to my items, the better, right? In time, each listing will be replaced with higher-quality photos, but I wanted to get this all in place first; don’t need good photos to do that.

Oh, and the new pattern. That was supposed to be what today’s post was all about, but it was on the blocking mat until after daylight, so I couldn’t get decent pictures. And you do need quality photos for a pattern. It won’t be long before it’s up, and I assure you it will be worth the wait. It looks great.


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