Hey all. Tardy as usual, but I’m still here. My newest pattern will be ready ready for purchasing very soon! Sorry, this one took too much effort to be free.

Though I’ve no new projects or photos to share with you, I am excited about today’s post. Originally, this blog’s purpose was to drive potential customers to my etsy store. If you’ve been lately, you’ll see that the store is completely barren; obviously my priorities are a little different. If anything, the blog has become its own purpose, with facebook and twitter merely facilitating. I’m knitting for my employers and to put patterns on Ravelry, but hardly at all for etsy anymore. But that’s going to change.

I don’t ever expect to be wholly self-employed by my knittting, but I’m going to be taking it a little more seriously. Etsy will be populated with custom order options and patterns, facebook and wordpress will be organized to direct more viewers to etsy for the purposes of possibly buying things. In addition, I intend to have some videos made up in order to demonstrate what my patterns look like, techniques like the continuous star stitch, and the like. Some videos will be public, some will be for pattern buyers only. There will be better photos, too.

So why now? It’s simple: before, I had no idea how to run a business. I still don’t, but some people who do have offered to help me get things in order. So, let’s see what happens. I’m excited to be putting more into this!


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