I’m no Celt, but I’m claiming this new pattern to have some kind of Celtic heritage. Yes, that’s right, the scarf I knit on the plane made its way into the Ravelry patterns database! It’s more of a stitch motif, but one that lends itself particularly well to scarves.

You already saw my first one, but for the sake of a completely plain, clear picture for the pattern, I knit a couple repeats of the pattern out of some solid gray/brown yarn I had laying around. I like it better in Good karma Yarn, but I did it in such a dark colorway that the ridges don’t stand out as much in photos, which is not a good thing for patterns. The pattern is up and is free, so have at it.

PS – Here’s what the original concept looked like:

If only publishing a pattern were so easy.

  1. Suzy said:

    LOVE this. It’s getting knit into a sock. Soon!

    • Thank you, and I can’t wait to see it! I hadn’t imagined it on a sock, but I think you’re onto something.

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