Twisted Fence

Back when I made Elle’s Hat, there was something I was trying to do with crossed stitches in brioche ribbing. Of course, that something led me to the Celt-ish scarf motif, but that was only a happy accident. What I was trying to do was this:

I decided that working the decreases to the top of the hat while keeping the design orderly was a bit beyond me, so it became a cowl instead. And it worked beatifully! As with the scarf, the reverse side is plain and simple (though there are hints at what’s happening on the other side), the other side being an uneven chain-link fence design. I’m going to be making instructions for this as well, but it will be more of a recipe than explicit instruction. The idea is to get a random variety of squares and rectangles resulting from the crossing diagonal lines, so I’m writing it up in such a way that leaves it up to the knitter, while still being clear enough to follow no matter what they decide.

As always, sorry I can’t get my camera to be more cooperative. Direct sunlight probably didn’t help the washed-out look, but the shadows really accentuated to crossed stitches, and that was the point of this project more so than the color. But here’s a better one for color:

Knit from Good Karma Yarn as always, in some leftover Dragonfly Eye that I had from the poncho I knit up. And yes, I realize that I’ve not shown you the poncho yet, because I have no pictures of it. But it’s a poncho, so you know what the shape looks like.

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