Seed Cable Cowl

Yes, that’s right. Despite my dislike for them, I’ve made a cowl. And despite my utter disapproval of the term, at some point it’s just me being difficult by not going with current nomenclature.

better to see texture

This project isn’t really anything special, honestly. Seed stitch on the sides, two 2×2 cables running side by side down the center, and 16 rows of garter stitch occurring at regular intervals. Very simple, but nice. Long enough to wrap around your neck twice and be snug. Knit from, what else, Good Karma Yarn in their “Gred” colorway. I’ve worked with this yarn so much that it was literally in my dreams. I was holding a skein of it thinking “oh, that’s soft!” I’ve got a problem.

Tomorrow I’ll have another cowl for you. So much for standing my ground, huh? But the next one is something I can be genuinely proud of and intend to write instructions for sometime. Sometime, soon, I hope, but it seems I have about half a dozen half-finished patterns that I really ought to get out of the way first.


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