Day 7: Elle’s Hat

This hat… Arg. Don’t get me wrong, I like the way it looks. It’s just that I’ve had to rip out and start over about twice at the time of writing this (edit: four times in total I’ve had to restart at the time of publishing this post). Very frustrating to spend five hours on something and then have nothing to show for it. I guess that’s knitting, though.

Knit from The Fibre Company’s “Acadia” yarn, in what I think is the asparagus colorway. It’s nice stuff, but I find myself longing for better stitch definition. The intentional slubs are an interesting way to vary color and texture, though they do get in the way at times.

The hat was supposed to be brioche ribbing with crossed stitches cascading up the hat, a technique I’d been meaning to try and only recently got around to learning. I could envision the hat, full of squares and rectangles of various sizes on the outside, the inside untouched and orderly.

Unfortunately, brioche was obviously going to call for just a hair more yarn than I had on hand. I re-worked the design in 2×2 ribbing, but the cabling just didn’t come out the same. I’m still happy with it, but it’s nowhere near the intended result. I’ve already got the yarn and needles ready to cast on for a second attempt, but it’s going to take some time. One more day of posts! Unless I’ve knit something else since writing this, an entirely likely premise!

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