Day 6: Fiets Hand Three

Oh, man. I’m sometimes a little jealous of the things I knit up, as I usually do not keep them, but the jealousy is fleeting. I’m especially jealous of these.

It’s a solid-color worsted weight reinterpretation of Nancy Marchant’s Fiets Hand Shoes, which I love. Being a solid color and even number of stitches, these did something I didn’t see in the two-color version: when the rounds meet, you get a double brioche stitch. It doesn’t stand out too much, but to make it look intentional I made sure the double brioche stitches lined up with the pointer finger on either hand. I love symmetry.

Side note: the double brioche column has me thinking about new designs mixing double brioche stitches in with regular, maybe some kind of faux-ribbing. I’ll let you know if it amounts to anything.

Anyway, these are knit from Good Karma’s “When Doves Dye” in a particularly darker dye lot that I  like. But oh well. If I really want some, I can always buy my own skein. And I may have to.

PS – Later, the evening after I’d written this post, Jim and Amy stopped by with some Christmas gifts, among them a skein of the very yarn I’d been coveting. I officially have the best bosses.


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