Day 2: Moebius Cowl in Brioche

Those gloves yesterday? They didn’t use up an entire skein. Enter the brioche moebius cowl!

Again, thank you giant cone of yarn for being such a cooperative model on short notice. And again, no thank you camera for making everything look wildly different in the daylight.

When I made my first moebius scarf, I was both excited and disappointed. Excited, because it was an interesting new technique; disappointed, because knitting from the center out really limited what I could do with designs. If I wanted something to run the length of the scarf, I would have to knit it like normal and give it a half twist before sewing the ends together. Not difficult, but being a moebius strip, the design would have to be the same on both sides.

It’s a simple design: brioche ribbing with a four-stitch cable in the center. Same on both sides, completely reversible. Nice! Seaming up the back wasn’t exactly as easy as kitchener stitch, but it was doable. Still, I think next time I’ll just cast on and off like normal and sew those edges instead. Happy Solstice! Enjoy your days getting brighter or darker, depending on your respective hemisphere.


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