Pardon Me; Day 1

Yikes! How long since I posted here?

You might assume, from my period of absence, that I’ve not been knitting much. Quite the contrary! Due to to the profusion of holiday knitting going on, I’ve hardly had time to even think about my blog, let alone cobble together a post. What that means for you, dear reader, is that I’m going to be doing a series of daily posts, focusing on a different recently finished object each day. I could have dumped them all on you in a long, photo-heavy post, but I’m nicer than that. I’m also aware that the average internet reader won’t spend more than a couple minutes before they jump to a new page, and are more apt to leave a page early when there’s a lot on it. But not you, reader. I know your attention span is better than that. I’m talking about other readers.

To start the series, we’ve got these fingerless mitts.

Knit from Good Karma’s “Purple Purple” colorway, these things are nothing if not vibrant. Purple’s not really my color, but for the person whose color it is, this is the stuff. With some ribbing on the ends, the rest of the glove is in stockinette; there’s a three-branched cable braid going down the back of the hand. I’ve come to find that I really like cables that aren’t set atop reverse stockinette, the way they can blend into the piece at the edges.

Anyway. That’s it for today. Keep checking back throughout the next few days for more of what I’ve been up to. Hope your holiday preparation is going swimmingly!


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