Pattern #4!

This is the uninspiringly-named Hexagon Hat. It’s not actually hexagon-shaped, the stitch pattern just makes little hexagons when it’s stretched onto your head. Originally, I just knitted this up for myself to fill a wardrobe vacancy (can you believe that as a knitter I had no warm hats?!) and thought nothing further of it. Later, I got the idea to just check if there was anything on Ravelry similar to what I’d done. And yes, there are some basic brioche ribbed hats and berets, but nothing in syncopated brioche that was both simple and free. I guess the hat was going to fill another vacancy.

It was dead simple to write up, and even simpler to knit; the crown shaping is a little technical, but hardly so. A good brioche beginner’s project. Not much else for me to say, the rest of the details are all in the pattern.


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