This is Cozmo. He’s an ugly pig-dog, otherwise referred to as a “pug”.

This is the latest gift to come off the needles here. My dad probably doesn’t read this blog, so I figure it’s a safe post. And if you do read this, dad, maybe mom already mentioned it to you anyway. Something to know about my dad: he loves his pugs. Especially the fat one.

The pattern, unlike Will’s Jack Russel, did not prove very easy to sew up. With the other project, I could very easily envision the finished product as I went. I could see that, yes, there’s the leg, the neck shaping, the head. It was all fairly intuitive. Then there was the pug. I was constantly turning my pieces, confused at which side was the top, how it formed a head, where the legs would go. I’ve never had to re-check a pattern so many times before this, but it just felt to wrong the more I looked at it.

I was committed, though, and finished it off to the very letter. I sewed it up in spite of my own bafflement, and then tried manipulating the thing into a dog shape. I feel I did the best with what I was given, and it does sort of look like a pug. A pug with moderate gigantism of the head, but a pug nonetheless. And with a perfect combination of buttons, I think I really nailed Cozmo’s eyes. Here’s a picture for comparison (and just because pugs are so ugly it’s funny):



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