This seems oddly familiar…

Except this time I’m knitting socks for my wife, not my fiance. It’s been a while since I knit socks. I’ve been sitting on this sock yarn shying away from projects since last year for reasons I can’t remember. This was my first attempt at toe-up, too, which makes a lot more sense to me in terms of construction.  It went so well, I may be making socks again real soon. Christmas knitting comes first, though! Arg!

The library just got in The Knitter’s Book of Socks. If you haven’t read it or its companion guides, (replace “socks” with “yarn” or “wool” in the title) you really ought to. Just find it at a library or use Amazon’s preview feature, because it’s an incredible resource. In my opinion (based on no real evidence) a lot of knitters don’t fully understand the differences between fibers and yarns. I mean, sure, you might know how it knits up or whether or not you like it; but do you know what makes that fiber the way it is on a cellular level? Probably not!

Point being, the book’s great. In it are a number of patterns, Darjeeling among them. Here’s how mine worked out:

PS – Hannah’s loving them!

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  1. barefootrooster said:

    these look fantastic, and oh-so comfy. nice work!

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