Hey. Know what I’m thankful for? A sweet workstation. You can find a similar item on Pottery Barn’s website for a measly $1000, or you can make it yourself. See, it’s really just two 9-cube bookshelves with a tabletop across them. So if you buy the shelves separately and get a piece of wood cut down to size, you save yourself about $900. Nice!

Mind you, we still need some nice stools and a coat of paint to unify the pieces before it starts to look complete, but at this point it is a fully functional craft station. And given that my life basically revolves around crafts (I make yarn at work, I make yarn into things at home) I kind of need a suitable home office, right?

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

  1. Andi said:

    That is awesome! I wish my knitting supplies were so well organized!

  2. rmwest said:

    This is genius. Also, I like the “suck it pottery barn” tag.

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