Alligator Tails at Last

Phew! This one was a heck of a lot tougher to format with the charts and all, but I’m even happier with the results. And you know what? The overworded, complicated explanation I gave a couple posts ago was totally unnecessary. The more I wrote the pattern out, the more I saw repetitions and things that could be broken down into terms most knitters would already know. I’ll give you an example: the star stitch.

Broken down, it’s an over increase and a k3tog. And an over increase is just k1, yo, k1 worked into a single stitches. So really, a star stitch is an over increase worked into three stitches at once. See how much easier that was?

It feels great to have it done. The gloves have been finished for a while now, and the unpublished pattern had been hovering over me in a most unwelcome way. And now it’s on to the next patterns! Haha!

And yes, I do have some actual knitting posts for you. I’ve been working on at least one project that can be shown pre-holiday. I just need to get my act together and write the posts.

So anyway, go to Ravelry if you want, check out the new pattern. It’s 50% off for the rest of the month, but I’ll cut you a deal, since you’re one of the loyal few who read my blog. If you go to the second paragraph of this post and count six words in… that’s the code. It’ll get you the pattern for free! Think of it as my way of expressing gratitude for my readership, since tomorrow is the Great Day of Thanks. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, however you’re celebrating it, and I’ll be back again soon.


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