One or Maybe Two Mitt Previews

First of all, I realized yesterday that I posted five consecutive days! Didn’t even mean to! So I’m publicly patting myself on the back for that. Second: I finished some gloves! Or mitts, more accurately.

These aren’t just any ol’ mitts. They’re the newest pattern that I wrote up! I had to re-work the hand section a couple of times to get the look of it right, and I’m glad that for once I took that kind of time. It makes full and frequent use of the technique I posted about recently, which you can probably see in the photos. Especially in the back of the hand, I think. The forearm section has an intentional bias to it so that the glove swirls up the arm into the hand design.

Unfortunately, the pattern’s not going to be available until this weekend, because I want some really nice photos for it and my wife (read: hand model) doesn’t get home from work until twilight hours. No good! Plus I want to take the photos near the ocean. The colorway is “Kelp” (one of my absolute favorites), and it just seems so fitting. I can’t do the photos without a model, either, because not showing the things actually being worn is a great way to not get anybody to buy it.

Yes, this pattern is going to be for sale, not free. Sad day! It’s just a bit more technical and all, so I feel like it’s justifiable? I’m not sure, being so new to the whole thing. It won’t be very pricey though, just $2. And I’ll tell you right now: there’s going to be a coupon code for 50% off, and I’m going to make it something that only my blog readers (that’s you!) would be likely to know. I’m just not sure what the code will be. Haha. Or if you purchase a skein of Good Karma Yarn, I’ll tell Jim and Amy to throw in the pattern as a bonus.

PS – Apologies for the photo inconsistencies. I really need to get a better camera, because this thing can’t seem to get a consistent white balance going.

Second item!

These are only a work in progress right now; I’m in the process of writing a brioche pattern and I’m trying it out. Here’s where I’m looking for input. The whole idea behind these is that they are reversible. The brioche stockinette/reverse stockinette striping will look the same on either side, but the cable and cuff will be a different color when turned inside out. My reason for doing so is that if you turn one inside out and left the other alone, you’d have gloves that mostly match, but have different cables. In my mind’s eye I like that look, and I like leaving it up to the person wearing them.

Problem: if I add thumbs to these things, then you have to have them both with the same side out. If you wanted them to have mismatched cables, you’d need two left hands. If such a malady exists, it’s probably quite the niche market. So, tell me. Wristwarmers that can mismatch at the wearer’s discretion, or mitts/gloves that always have to match? I suppose it also helps that wristwarmers would be significantly easier to make for the brioche newbie, and could potentially draw more knitters. But they’re also wristwarmers.

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  1. Rue said:

    I’m sitting with a sleeping baby on my shoulder and had so much fun getting caught up on your blog. I absolutely love your cabled brioche concept. I’m much more likely to wear mitts than wrist warmers, for what that’s worth.

    And your Halloween mask was fabulous!

    How are you and H settling in? I hope you’re doing well and enjoying life in Maine!

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