Avatar Upgrade

Oh, yeah. More tiny knitting.

This is long overdue for me, but I finally got my avatar a new sweater. And by got I mean knit. It’s nothing special, just a cabled yoke-shoulder pullover with a shawl collar. A fun little diversion.

Somehow, in the shuffle of getting this guy out of the box we moved him in, I lost the linen hat I made for him. So what to do? Just make another! Regular (albeit unintentionally slouchy) beanie with a 2×2 rib brim.

Now, I know that the combo of that brown hat and the bushy beard gives him a certain… homeless look, but I’m okay with it. After all, I’m well aware that my own personal taste tends toward the “hobo” look for some reason. Probably because I’m cheap.

That’s about it. I’m already back to more “serious” knitting, but probably won’t get a post up until next week. Until then, the bearded knitter will reign over his mountain of yarn. Enjoy your weekends and all that! Don’t eat candied apples from strangers until you fully inspect them for razor blades, kids!

  1. barefootrooster said:

    LOVE this. happy halloween!

  2. Knitiot said:

    I think your avatar needs pants. He’s so well dressed otherwise, it’s a shock to see his bare legs. Don’t you think he’s getting cold?

    • Haha. I actually consider that more than I probably ought to. And yes, I think he’s definitely cold. Guess I’ll have to do something about that soon! 😉

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