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Got another Good Karma sample to show you. I like it a lot, but with some reservations. But first, a picture! My model today is the striking and unmistakable Giant Cone of Cotton Yarn.

So, this pattern comes from Woolly Wormhead. I think it’s worth a few minutes to browse her selection, because there are a good number of nice hats. I was especially enamored with the new-as-of-August Bambeanies collection. Lots of cute kids’ hats in there. So, I did this hat in Good Karma’s “Dragonfly Eye” colorway, which knit up really nicely.

Related note: I’ve had terrible luck in the past with pooling when I do hats; by my count I am typically knitting very close to 2 yards for every round. Since we skein the yarn off in 2-yard loops at Good Karma before dyeing, that means that I end up with vertical columns or spirals of uninterrupted color. I can’t tell you how much that annoys me. If I’m using a variegated yarn, I want to knit something that adequately shows the variation, and aiming for a 20″-22″ head just never seems to get it right. With the Meret, being a beret, I get a lot more than 2 yards to the round, which handily defeats pooling.

Reservations: The brim isn’t tight enough and the hat isn’t tall enough. I wish I’d read the note in the pattern that the one shown is “extra slouchy”, meaning there is an extra repeat of the lace pattern, because I’d have made it extra slouchy. I assumed that the recommended 223 yards of yarn were how much the regular pattern would use up, not the altered “extra slouchy” version, but it turns out you get left with a sizable ball of yarn when you do the regular. I could have ripped back and added the repeat, so I guess that one’s on me. My other problem is that the brim is really loose. If I could go back, I’d have done the brim on smaller needles. Still, there’s nothing wrong with a standard beret, and the actual motif in the pattern is great!

In all, a good project, just one that I could have done better. And maybe I will in the future.

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  1. Oh, me like-y! Especially the be-sunglassed Giant Cone of Cotton Yarn. Beautiful modeling job.

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