Leigh’s Gloves

Hello all! A day late, yes, but okay. When have I ever kept a promise about my posting frequency?

So today’s project is Leigh’s Gloves. Leigh is a very cool person, and I highly recommend knowing her. And, at least electronically, you can! Check it! Anyway, the gloves.

Sometimes, I like to know exactly what I’m making. Other times, I do just like to have freedom in what I’m making. These were somewhere in between, but tending toward the latter. They needed to be this color, have the button band, and not be too bulky. I went pretty straightforward, 2×2 ribbed cuff, stockinette palm, and honeycomb brioche back to keep it interesting. Small as Hannah’s hands are, Leigh’s are smaller, so the gloves won’t be as stretched on the intended owner.

The difference between the back and front does create a slight curl, but that will disappear with wear. I got some nice buttons from Helen’s, and there you have it. Nothing too crazy, but sometimes that’s the best.

Also: did you know that you can alternate between knits and purls during a long-tail cast on? It kind of blew my mind when I figured it out, and ribbed cast on edges look so nice now! I looked it up to make sure it was an actual thing, but the fact that I stumbled into it on my own gives me a bit of an ego boost. If you haven’t tried it before, give it a whirl the next time you’ve got a cuff or brim that could use it.

And finally: Remember that cute pink hat with the stem? It’s got an owner now! I only wish I had a model this cute for my baby knits.

Stay tuned this week for some Good Karma knitting. The project in tomorrow’s post is something I’ll actually be reluctant to give up, and for good reason.

  1. Leigh said:

    Awesome! These guys look great! I am thrilled to soon be the owner of such fine mitts. Thanks again! (And, thanks for the shout-out :).

    P.S. I cracked up at the line about alternating between knits and purls during a long-tail cast on, because I have no clue what that is (kind of sounds like fishing?), but due to your enthusiasm, I’m glad that it blew your mind.

    • Haha. I wonder how many jargon crossovers knitting has with other obsessions?

      Glad you like the gloves! We’ll be sending them out shortly!

  2. marti sullan said:

    Hey! Look wonderful. I kinda got the long-tail cast comment, kinda. Did you use a wool blend or all acrylic? look nice. thanks, Josh. Marti

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