Fiets Hand Two

Did I say three consecutive days? Yes, and I meant it. Thing is, I remembered to post every single day, but the moment in which I remembered was well past daylight hours, making for really awful photos; I chose instead to postpone it to the next day. Repeat the process a few times and you get to today.

So, my nice new gloves. I’ve made these before, but they were so gargantuan that I had to do some serious felting in order to get them to fit my hands. Even then, they still left much to be desired, and as time wore on I found the green to be a bit too bright for my taste. But I still liked those gloves, and would never wish ill on them. Sadly, they were lost in the shuffling around of possessions in our move to Maine. I made the gloves specifically with autumn in mind, and now that the season was here, I no longer had the ideal gloves for it. What to do!

The weather was nice enough to give us a spurt of warm days, enough time to get my gloves on and off the needles just before the chill settled back in. I wanted something smaller, solid, and a bit tougher; these were going to be gloves, after all, and they needed to be able to stand up to some abuse.

At Heavenly Socks I picked out some Peace Fleece in “Sherplova Mushroom” and “Father’s Gray”. I’ll admit that the colorway names sold me on these. It’s so far proven to be durable and warm, but with one caveat: it gets really hairy. Longer fibers seem to work their way out in single, wispy strands and now my gloves have a tiny atmosphere of wool. Really, it just looks like I’ve been shedding a lot and brushing my hair with my gloves. I don’t like it.  I’m sure they’ll work their way out of the gloves (with some coercion perhaps) eventually, but at the present moment I’m keeping these things out of direct sunlight. Ignoring that detail, I think they are very autumnally nice.

I’ve got another project done and one more on the needles, each with their own post soon. And, I’m happy to report, Good Karma did phenomenally at Rhinebeck. If you weren’t there, you totally missed a chance at getting my mom’s armchair colorway, ’cause they’re sold out. Anyway. I’ll try to be more diligent about posting in the future.


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