11.5 Hours

Know what I’ve been doing from 8 AM this morning until about 7:30 PM? You might not, actually, because it dawned on me that I’ve neglected to tell you! I mean, sure, I said that I get to test knit for Good Karma, but that’s not even the half of it. Friends, I have had the distinct pleasure of working for Good Karma Spinning Co lately, doing all manner of tasks. I could elaborate, but I’ll just say that I hardly ever notice how long I’m working, which I think is always a good sign. It’s a lot of fun, and I thought I’d share a few pictures of the place.

The spinner frame. This machine confounds me utterly, but I'm slowly gaining a sense of its functions.

The skeining machine. I spend a lot of time tying knots here.

Some of the animals. I actually don't hang out with them all that much, but I always say hello.

Remind me to take a picture of Harriet the Duck sometime, because she’s my favorite. Even though I stepped on her once.

Most of my work at the farm has been helping in preparation for the big fiber festivals nearby, Common Ground and Knit East. Not this week. No, this week you probably know what’s happening: Rhinebeck. I won’t be making the trip out myself, but let me know if you are! And please, definitely seek out Jim and Amy and get a load of some of the new colors. We’ve been getting them ready all week long, and many of them didn’t even have names until earlier today. I don’t have any pictures of the stuff, but I can tell you they have names like:

  • Josh’s Mom’s Armchair (that’s right, mom, your furniture is a yarn color now)
  • Mean Mr. Mustard
  • Grape Ape
  • Ken’s Vest (which has a related story!)
  • Deja vu Again
  • Speckled Trout
  • and plenty more

And, of course, their usuals are going to be there as well. Take my word for it and get there early, because the new colors are limited in number and there’s never any telling when a color is going to be repeated again. And seriously, I think the Avocado colorway is gonna be snatched up in a hurry; it’s pretty danged nice.

And now, SLEEP. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my sweet new old gloves.


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