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Did you go to Common Ground? If you did, did you go on Saturday? And if you did, did you stop by the Good Karma Farm tent? Maybe I saw you! If you didn’t make it out to the fair due to your schedule or location, check out Ms. Cleaver’s post on it for some nicely encapsulating photos. It was great.

Given the busy nature of last week I didn’t get a post up, so I’m making up for it right now. I’m doing more baby-sized things with the Good Karma yarn lately, so the projects are just churning out. There are even three more items I have to show you, but I don’t have them immediately handy for a picture, so you’ll just have to wait.

So, the projects:

Nothing special per se, but I’ll be the first to tell you (or boast, rather) that each of these items have been heavily modified, if not entirely improvised. Mostly because that’s how I like to work, but also because I can’t seem to work in the same gauge as the rest of the knitting universe. In order to get the right gauge on worsted weight yarn that a pattern called for, I had to drop from a size 6 needle to a size 1. Does this seem a little crazy? Needless to say, I opted instead for modifications in the pattern over a tight and unyielding hat. I’ve never had any problem with maintaining  an even tension, but it does explain why every time I follow patterns to the letter, I end up with a nightgown instead of a sweater.

Anyway. Jim and Amy are off to KnitEast tomorrow. If you’re going, stop by and say hello to them! As for me, I’ve got another hat to crank out by then.

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  1. Rue said:

    Those colors are just stunning. They just glow.

    I’m pretty sure my sister went to Common Ground with a friend of hers last weekend. I’ll have to ask if she stopped by the booth!

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