Continued Craze

I haven’t really stopped knitting since that last post, but I wanted to have some ends to tie in first. Especially on gloves with divided fingers, which always come plagued with loose ends. Boo.

First project: simple fingerless gloves. But as you might know, I hate leaving things plain and simple. If I don’t have to rip back, stop and stare in bewilderment, or seriously contemplate putting it down, the project must be too easy. Not that I did anything fancy.

I added some brioche ribbing along the back of the hand, to give it a ridged look. The diagonal lines of the yarn-overs would stand out really well against the knit stitches, too. Oh, and did you see that color? I love it (though I wouldn’t wear it), but clearly it’s a little too vivid for anything like cables to stand out well. Anyway, I cast on, knit the cuff, added a half inch of palm, then decided that they were going to be too big. I wanted a woman’s or girl’s size, and these would probably fit me. I frogged, started again, making sure to do things smaller this time. Fast forward to the result, in which I ended up with gloves that fit me exactly. Agh! I don’t have beefy hands or anything, but they’re undeniably male in size and shape. The gloves are being blocked right now, and I’m hoping that they pull in a little.

Project two: second attempt at same. I decreased all the measurements proportionately and… kid / petite gloves! I added some broken rib rather than straight ribbing on the cuff, and like the look of it better.

Project three: chevron scarf. This should be simpler than it’s turned out to be, seriously. But somehow, my counting has done me in time and again, not to be discovered until the next pattern repeat, rows later. I bit the bullet each time and ripped back, choosing a well-made scarf over a quickly-made one, and I’m really glad I did. The scarf just flows in my hands. I don’t know garment terminology, but I hear the word “drape” thrown around in reference to particular fibers and yarns; I’d like to say that this scarf has really great drape.

I don’t think I mentioned this, but a couple weeks ago, I changed the way I’ve been purling. If you want to be technical about it, I’ve been purling the “wrong” way all my life. So I gave the new way a shot, and very quickly it became automatic. That’s great, but as it happens, all the extra movement on my left hand has been viciously changing my gauge on wrong-side rows of purling. I’m sure that with practice I could do just fine, but when my finished items result the same if not better, why not stick with a method that I’m proficient at? I’m throwing in the towel and retreating to my incorrect ways, thank you.

Of course, I’d be happier about the decision if I didn’t make it mid-scarf. It looks okay after being blocked, but before there was a drastic shift from a slightly staggering gauge to a nice and tidy one. All the more proof of the power of blocking.

Anyway. I’ve already got plans for another scarf and some more fingerless mitts. No idle hands here. Hope your crafting/working/playing is just as productive and enjoyable this week. Have a good one!


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  1. Rue said:

    It sounds like you and Hannah have a great place set up. Best of luck with the job hunt! I know how frustrating and time-consuming that can be.

    Those local yarns are just stunning! You’re not the only one having difficulties with simple knits these days. I’ve been having the hardest time finishing simple cotton squares for a charity project. I finally got fed up with my series of failed attempts yesterday and … knit a swatch. The first square is going much better 🙂

    Now if only I wasn’t so late finishing them up!

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