First post from Home

Hi again! This post, as the title has already pointed out, comes from what I now consider “home”. It’s the first permanent place I’ve lived in since the pre-marriage days, and it is good. No more subletting or camping, no more having the rear half of the car perpetually filled with miscellany. Having our stuff out of storage (especially the yarn!) is a nice perk, too.

So, first things first: the place. I won’t show you pictures of the whole place, but I wanted to share one in particular. The kitchen. I’d always imagined a peg board installed above the kitchen counter, full of spoons, spatulas and the like. Lo and behold, there was one already put in!

I can’t tell you how good it feels to look at that wall of the kitchen.

The rest of our place is still slowly coming together, as is our new life here. H just started (as in the day before yesterday) a job at what may be my favorite local eatery of anywhere, Chase’s Daily. She went from applying to starting work in just three days, which is nothing if not impressive. Chase’s Daily: part diner, part produce market, part bakery, and part art gallery. I seriously suggest checking them out.

As for me? Still unemployed. My prospective employers probably aren’t adopting the three-day-turnaround on applications like Chase’s, but there are promising options. There’s even a fiber farm nearby! And also a good yarn store. Needless to say, Belfast has me completely smitten.

Another plus about the surrounding area: fiber college! It’s actually going on right now just miles away from here, but I am sadly not attending this year. Discretionary spending is at a minimum right now until some of the basics (like furniture) have been taken care of. Boo hoo. But there’s always Rhinebeck, right?

And… oh, yes. Knitting! I’ve been working on and off on simple projects, and it’s been just the relief I needed from lacework.

Item the first: slippers. They’re ugly, mismatched (knitted out of remnants), and synthetic fiber to boot, but they’re just the thing for chilly bare floors in the morning. Function dominated form on these. For an added bonus, I don’t really have to care how I treat them given how cheap and easy they were. Yay!

Item the second: washcloths. These I actually like, and have enjoyed making. We’ve got tons of washcloths here, so I may end up giving these as small gifts to people.

Item the third: a pillow! Yes, this is the housewarming self-gift I mentioned last time. It’s nothing special, but will look nice on a sofa or a bed if/when we get one. There’s a second one in the works, but I don’t have any filling for it right now, so it’s just a swatch for the time being. I don’t remember the brand of yarn they were knit from, but good gravy is it ever soft. Which, I think, you want in a pillow.

Not sure what I’ll work on next, but I’m leaning towards socks.

Have a good week, all!

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  1. rmwest said:

    I LOVE the pillow! And what a fun kitchen…AND I’m super excited that H found a job so quickly! Lots of fun news! 🙂

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