I’m done with lace, for rill

Ha ha. See what I did there? A few days ago, I finished the Rill Scarf. Twice, as I’ll explain. But first, photo. I’ll leave it nice and large for you.

Though I have no great love of tying in ends, I decided to take care of them immediately after finishing. Quite a change, considering most things I make have dangling ends for over a month before I’m bothered enough. Well, it didn’t work out so well for me. With such fine, dark lace, I ended up pulling on an innocent loop by mistake and I was left with a bunched mess where several rows should have been. Despite all best efforts, I couldn’t reintegrate the slack into the scarf and I only made it worse.

In the end, I took nail clippers to the poor thing and abandoned about ten rows of mess. I tied on some yarn and re-knit the final stretch, thus finishing the scarf for the second time in two hours. Now, I know that nearly every other project I’ve done has been with much more visible yarn; despite it being so exceptional, part of my brain points to this experience and says “See? That‘s what happens when you tie in ends!” It justifies my past (and no doubt future) procrastination. I’ll probably at least wait until the thing’s blocked before I attempt it again.

I said before how I was ready to get back to larger needles, but I had no idea how strong the sentiment would get. I’m swearing off lace for the rest of this year, hang me if I don’t. But what am I to do with all my craft supplies in storage? There’s no way I’m giving up knitting for 5 days. And luckily, the town of Orono, Maine is one heck of an enabler.

Size 8 bamboo straight needles in good shape: $0.25 at the thrift store. There was synthetic “yarn” there, too, but I’m not desperate enough to overpower my inner fiber snob. But what was right nearby? Fiberphilia. I walked out with a new skein of merino/mohair blend and a few ideas rolling around in my head. Perfect.

I can’t tell you what I’m working on just yet, only that it’s a sort of housewarming gift for myself and my wife, since we finally get to ditch our sublet and move into a real place this week. There’ll be more pictures, I promise. See you in Belfast.

P.S. – I found this amazing periodic table via fellow blogger Nuclear Knitting, and I can’t get enough of it. There’s just something endearing, absurd, and appropriately British about putting France, jazz, and goo alongside carbon and nitrogen.

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  1. Rue said:

    So sorry about the frogging! But the final piece is gorgeous! What does Hannah think of it? I hear you about getting lace burnout. I’m almost there myself but it’s really the only thing I can comfortably knit in the summer. Of course, I can just imagine Jonah saying I should be making socks for him 🙂

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