Well, well, look who it is.

It’s you! And it’s me! Here , together again on my blog! Good to see you again, good to be back. I will spare you the tale of misadventure that has kept me from posting in so long, mostly because it wouldn’t be that interesting to you. That’s what a journal is for. I will, though, tell you that there was an extended period of camping and that we now find ourselves in Bangor, ME for the time being, and once the sublet here is up, we have a place lined up down in Belfast, ME for September on into perpetuity. Whew!

Knitting… I am still working on that Rill Scarf, and have made a good deal of progress. Not as much as I would like, but I’m past halfway. Here, I’ll show you.

not chips

Most of the knitting beyond the first several inches has been done only in the past week or so; had I been going at this rate the whole time I’d be well done with it. In my own defense, I don’t think camping is conducive to knitting. I don’t mind knitting outdoors or in the absence of comfy chairs, there’s just something to the “roughing it” mindset that rejects delicate lace-work as an acceptable use of time. And when I say roughing it… I mean I just read books in a hammock and don’t actually have an excuse.

All that aside, I forced myself to get back into the habit/mood now that I live indoors again, which took surprisingly longer than I thought. I couldn’t just jump back in, but rather had to meet the knitting bug halfway before it would agree to bite me. Which it did, I’m happy to say, and the old feeling is back. I no longer dread the extended wait of the laundromat, armed as I am with needles and thread. And speaking of thread, I’m really, really ready to be done with lace for a while. Jeez.

Happy knitting, all. Hopefully I can keep up with this a little better. But don’t I always say that before I disappear for weeks on end?

  1. rmwest said:

    I LOVE the scarf! And I’m glad to see you’re back!

  2. Just dropping in for the first time. I can’t even tell you how much I love your wedding cake. Hope things remain calm. knit on! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting! I tell ya, that cake was just as good to eat as to look at.

  3. Carolyn said:

    Oh the scarf is beautiful ! Somehow I missed that pattern on Ravelry. Love the color and yarn you’ve chosen.

  4. Chris said:

    I know how you feel about lace!!!! After such a ‘long’ project, it’s nice to something like a few hats or something that gives almost immediate satisfaction!!! Happy Knitting.

  5. Rue said:

    Love the scarf! But, honestly, sitting in a hammock and reading doesn’t sound too bad either.

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