The Wedding Post and Other Things

First and foremost and long overdue: wedding pictures! Rather than exercise your scroll wheel finger, how about just following this link to the slideshow. Please note the picture of Rock Island in its intended setting.

Now for some notes on the wedding and requisite thank-yous. Lots of text and links ahead, but stay with me.

The food was all made by close friends and family who either volunteered or insisted on bringing something. Lots of family recipes made appearances, far too many to list, unfortunately. Needless to say, thanks to the friends and relatives (I don’t know that any of you read this, but you know who you are) who contributed, it was an amazing spread. The lemonades and mint water were a big hit, too, and helped fight off the heat.

The cake was made by my mother, and couldn’t have been better. The bottom layer was carrot cake, the same kind served at H’s parents’ wedding; the middle was apple cake, the same kind served at my own parents’; the top was an old-fashioned spice cake with a rhubarb filling, which we chose just because we wanted it. All layers were coated in cream cheese frosting. There was no way we were waiting a whole year for it, so we cut into the top layer right after the honeymoon. Delicious. Thanks, mom! You don’t read this either, but oh well!

The bouquets and boutonnieres were done by Aunt L, and were gorgeous. She’s very talented at what she does, and jumped on the idea of incorporating thistles into the wedding. Thanks!

The programs were done by my now father in law, and they matched the invitation design almost uncannily. If you need any graphic design work, drop him a line at the Design Corps site.

The lovely photos on that site were taken by Ginnie Lange, who is not only talented, but an all-around great person to know and work with. Check out her other work.

Also thank you to the Etsy shops who provided various items: River of Romansk, for the dress; Nora Jane and Extase for rubber stamps; Johan Rust for the wedding band.

And finally, thanks to all of you readers for the nice comments on my last post!

So, what else have I been up to? Yes, there’s more to this post!

I just got back from a camping trip yesterday with my new in-laws. I did manage to finish the Zandloper, though nothing beyond that. Still and all, here it is!

There’s a reason I didn’t knit much on the trip: I’m a whittler. I’m not much of a woodworker by any stretch, but when I’m camping it’s my activity of choice. Last fall, I got a nice set of flexcut knives and palm tools; living in the city just never seemed conducive to kicking back and carving, though, and the gifts sat in a box. I finally broke them out again this week and made…

SPOONS! The first was for practice, but the second, I decided to try something a little more ornamental. And a little weirder. A thumb! Complete with prints, too.

Someday, I’d like to have a full set of cooking utensils carved out of cherry wood, but I’ve got years of carving to work my way up to that. For now, maybe I’ll just carve out the other spoon-fingers for this hand.

I’ve got some other trips both big and small on the horizon now, but I’ll try to sneak in a post or two and maybe another brioche project. Then it’s the Big Move East. For being unemployed and technically homeless, it’s been pretty busy being married so far. Hope your summers are chock-full of fun, too!

  1. rmwest said:

    Your wedding was so so beautiful! I love H’s dress and she looked beautiful in the shawl! It looks like it was tons of fun.

  2. Rue said:

    GORGEOUS wedding pictures! You two must have had a fabulous day. Congratulations, again!

    That last spoon is really nifty. You should definitely finish the set.

    Definitely enjoy these next few weeks. The first days of being married are pretty special. Kind of like the first days of being parents . . . but with more sleep.

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